The story of our school system begins with a snapshot of the community in which we live.  Everyday life in Millen / Jenkins County, in many ways, is similar to the iconic version of small town America as pictured in Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. However, there are underlying social issues and risky behaviors that our students must face.

With 8,595 people, Jenkins County is a small, rural, sparsely populated county on the Eastern edge of the state.  Our need is great and has been intensified with a steady loss of jobs and businesses. Jenkins County’s poverty rate is almost double the rate for Georgia.

The Jenkins County School System realizes that schools must meet many challenges faced by today’s students that directly impact their capacity to learn.  Prevention and intervention services and opportunities for youth that allow the development of positive relationships, the practice of leadership skills, and the stabilization of risk factors are consistently shown to be worth the cost and effort.

Gone are the days when we focused on K – 12 and just wanted to graduate students from high school.  The new focus is birth through career.  We know that our students must begin their successful academic career during early childhood.

An important aspect of our work includes more opportunities for students to become involved in their own success.  Teachers and staff must know how to recognize specific needs of students and refer them for services.  Parents must become advocates for obtaining services for their children and themselves.

Our work has expanded to provide greater opportunities and access to services and positive experiences for students and their families.  These positive experiences build protective factors while diminishing the risk factors in the lives of our students .  The System Improvement Team guides this work along with each School Improvement Team. Stakeholder involvement is an important part of this process.